Which door locks and wall readers are compatible with FLEXIPASS?

FLEXIPASS Keyless Mobile Access is currently compatbile with ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions Access Control Solutions. ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions has more than 7 million installations worldwide. 

FLEXIPASS Mobile Access Solution is compatible with the following ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions door locks and wall readers:

VingCard VISIONLINE Software and VingCard BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Kits need to be installed. 

In short, you will need the following components to make FLEXIPASS Mobile Access work:

FLEXIPASS Mobile Access Solution
and one of the compatible VingCard door locks and/or wall readers above. 

Alternatively, existinging locks can easily be retro fitted or upgraded - both magstripe and RFID, depending on the current locking technology.


Does FLEXIPASS work with other lock technologies?

There are many lock providers on the market - contact us to get the full list of FLEXIPASS compatible locks providers


I don't know which lock hardware / technology I currently have?

No problems, we do the running around for you! Once we receive your property details such as name and room numbers, we contact your regional representative. From there, we establish which hardware and lock technology you have and whether an upgrade is required. 


Can guests use FLEXIPASS and RFID cards from VingCard?

Yes, guests may use the FLEXIPASS Mobile Access Solution and / or VingCard RFID Key Cards. If guests do not have a smartphone or have misplaced their smartphone, RFID Key Cards can still be issued to access rooms. 


What Smartphones are supported with FLEXIPASS?

FLEXIPASS works with smartphones running iOS 8.2 or recent version and Android 4.3 or recent version with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) 4.0 or recent. Windows phones & Blackberry are currently not supported. 


Why partner with ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions?

ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions is the global leader in hospitality security technology, providing access control solutions to millions of guests daily. There is no other provider which offers the same reduced battery consumption, guaranteed security and efficiency with handling mobile keys. We have been proud partners with ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions for over 4 years.

FLEXIPASS is backed by a breakthrough mobile credentialing technology, supported by ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions which has been deployed across an installed base of over 7 million rooms.


How secure is FLEXIPASS regarding access control?

For the secure delivery of the digital key, FLEXIPASS uses ASSA ABLOY Mobile Services and SEOS, a credential technology platform. The system's security, powered by SEOS, is derived from best in class cryptographic standards defined by the National Institute of Standards (NIST). When issuing a mobile key to a mobile device, a mutually authenticated channel between the ASSA ABLOY Mobile Services and the mobile device is established which then ensures the safe delivery of the key. Likewise, when using the mobile key at a lock, a mutually authenticated channel is established between the mobile device and the door lock. In the tech world, this can be described as a fully encrypted connection. This ensures a secure private transaction that cannot be “sniffed” independent of the Bluetooth protocol.